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Schedules of condition
Work undertaken on various buildings for local authority prior to piling works

A local authority instructed WildInput to undertake a schedule of condition on Royal Terrace, Southend on Sea, a terraced residential street. This was urgently required prior to commencement of piling works on an adjacent slope and was delivered within one week of receipt of instructions. The condition survey included a detailed photographic schedule.

Snagging inspections
Work undertaken on high quality residential units and shopping centre

WildInput has undertaken numerous independent snagging inspections of building works prior to completion. These provide an independent surveyor’s view of the status of the works and in particular the extent of defects prior to handover of the premises to the client or alternatively to identify issues which arise prior to practical completion.

Forum House, Wembley
This involved an inspection of 140 luxury residential units including a detailed photographic schedule provided by WildInput’s in-house professional photographer.  The surveys and reports were completed within a 3 week period.

The Parishes Shopping Centre, Scunthorpe
In addition to detailed snagging inspections on the shopping centre, the brief included liaison with the centre management team and contractor.  This was to ensure completion of the ‘making good of snags’ to minimise disruption to the tenants. This work resulted in the completion of remedial works to facilitate the successful sale of the centre.
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Contract administration and building surveying services

20 residential blocks, NW London
WildInput provided building surveying and contract administrations services on the redecoration of the common parts of 20 residential blocks in north west London. This involved close liaison with the management company and contractor to agree logistics associated with completing the works in a timely manner and in order to cause minimal disruption to the residents.

Residential Block, Mayfair
Similar services were provided for the installation of a new fire escape route and ancillary works in a luxury residential block in Mayfair. This was required to obtain the Building Control Certificate of Completion. The works were completed with minimum disruption to the tenants and the certificate was obtained within 3 months of instruction.

Schedules of dilapidation and repair

WildInput works closely with clients to determine their strategy for their property portfolio. This often includes inspections of buildings to establish the extent of repairs which would be required in order for a tenant to comply with the terms of their lease.

WildInput has inspected a number of residential properties within the Southend-on -Sea area and has provided reports which identify the scope of repairs required in order for the leasehold occupier to comply with the terms of their lease.

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WildInput has acted for private investors in determining the extent of repair costs which would be recoverable under a schedule of dilapidation in the event that they either acquired or sold premises. This element of the financial appraisal is often a key figure in establishing an overall return which can be expected from a property transaction.

We work closely with landlords in order to develop their strategy for their property portfolio

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Preparation of Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules

WildInput has prepared a planned preventative maintenance schedule for the Parishes Shopping Centre in Scunthorpe.
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Snagging work undertaken
Typical snagging report undertaken `

Snagging report undertaken
Typical snagging report undertaken

Royal Terrace - Southend on Sea
Planned preventative maintenance schedule undertaken.

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