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services offered include:

Schedules of Condition
Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules
Refurbishment, repairs and maintenance works
Past projects

WildInput tailors its services to meet each client’s requirements.  To provide exceptional service and to meet client expectations a detailed scope of service is agreed for each instruction and this is signed off by the client prior to commencement of service.

WildInput will always commit to delivering a service within an agreed timescale and this is tailored to suit a client’s programme (matters outside of WildInput’s reasonable control excepted.)

Fees are competitive, reflecting the fact that a smaller practice has much lower overheads than a larger commercial practice.

Work is normally undertaken in accordance with the RICS Standard terms of engagement and standard industry guidelines


WildInput can undertake full structural surveys and building appraisal reports for commercial investors, freehold occupiers and tenants. Services also extend to undertaking inspections to identify specific building defects and diagnostics

Services can also be adapted to undertake detailed snagging inspections of partially or fully completed building works to reflect the status of construction works at a given point in a contract.


WildInput can act on behalf of both landlord and tenant in preparing and / or negotiating an Interim or Terminal Schedule of Dilapidation. Services can also be extended to monitor any remedial works which are undertaken following the service of a dilapidation schedule.  Alternatively WildInput can provide building surveying services to facilitate the completion of the repairs which are identified within the schedule.

schedules of condition

WildInput can act on behalf of both landlord and tenant in providing a detailed record of the condition of a property on an agreed date, whether this is required for lease purposes or prior to construction works. These schedules can be provided in the following presentational forms:

  • Schedule of condition with photographs
  • Photographic schedule
  • Video / DVD schedule of condition

planned preventative maintenance schedules

WildInput can deliver a bespoke plan of action for a building or estate to ensure that its condition is preserved. In delivering this service WildInput is conscious of the client’s budgetary constraints which are often linked into lease obligations and service charges. All such considerations are considered in detail and full consultation on these matters is undertaken with the client and their advisors prior to completion of the schedule.

WildInput also works in close consultation with service engineers to ensure that all engineering and maintenance requirements identified on proposed capital projects are integrated into the overall maintenance schedule.

refurbishment, repairs and maintenance works

WildInput can undertake the preparation of specifications and plans for the repair, refurbishment or extension of commercial buildings. 

WildInput can provide the following services and be the single point of contact with the client:

  • Contract administrator
  • Lead consultant
  • Employer's agent
  • Design services
  • CDM coordinator


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Typical building appraisal report undertaken

Royal Terrace - Southend on Sea
Schedule of condition undertaken.

Royal Terrace - Southend on Sea
Planned preventative maintenance schedule undertaken.

Royal Terrace - Southend on Sea
Planned preventative maintenance schedule undertaken.
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